The John App Circle

An Invitation to Join the John App Circle

Members of the John App Circle have expressed their commitment to Susquehanna University through a very special and important form of financial support.

These donors have named Susquehanna as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.

Once you complete your estate plan, please fill out our member profile form to let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in the John App Circle.

Membership Benefits

Your membership involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made—and it may inspire generosity in others.

Benefits of membership in the John App Circle also include annual luncheons, invitations to special events and seminars, and a subscription to our newsletter.

The most important benefit, however, you will receive from joining the John App Circle is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to our long-term prosperity.

To meet current John App Circle members, click here.

Current Members

Dorothy M. Anderson '62, H'02
Mr. David W. Angstadt
Lucille M. Arthur H'12
Lynn Hassinger '57 Askew
Cmdr. Charles Seiler Bailes '56
Barbara L. Ballard '69
The Reverend Dale '72 and Peggy '70 Biesecker
Virginia M. Biniek '67
Barbara L. Birdsall '77
Martha Barker '70
Blessing David E. Bomboy '48
Patricia Ney '61 and Peter Booth
Victor R. Boris '77
Art and Karen Bowen
Judith Brndjar '62
Hazel J. Brobst '51 Brown H'03
James C. Brown '69
Carol Bull
Elisabeth A. Ryan Burke ’78
George R. Burman Jr.
W. Robert '47 and Norma Camerer
Carl L. '65 and Mary Campbell
Voylet Dietz '52 Carr
Elizabeth A. Charles '68
Jack E. Cisney '59
Peter Coleman
Linda Youhon '57 Collins
Henry S. Cook '56
Donald S. Cornelius '63
Paul E. and Helen Bosler Crow
James L. '73 and Patricia E. Culpepper
Joel L. H'00 and Trudy H'00 Cunningham
Matthew Curran '92 and Jane Petersen '92 Curran
Lyn Bailey '51 D'Alessandro
Nancy A. Davis '61
Sue C. Davis '66
Donald D. and Sue Delorenzo
Sara L. DeMott
Phyllis Swartz '49 Derr
Brian J. '82 and Sarah Dietrich
Susan Dodson '65
Benjamin A. Dombroski '66
Michael S. '82 and Zulmira Donahue
Dr. Ronald L. Dotterer
Adam '07 and Aileen Carlson '06 Dreibelbis
Robert L. Driesen
Joseph and Susan Dryburgh P'12
Robert I. '65 and Judy Estill
Frank Falso
Robert '80 and Alayne Hunter '80 Fessler
Amy Fortier '98
Signe S. Gates '71
Jeffrey S. Gicking '79
Marie A. Gore '80
Allison E. Grebe '94
Dr. Charlotte Gross
Joan E. Haefle '62
Fred H. Hait, Esq. '69
Cornelia Klee '80 Hall and Jonathan Hall
Samuel J. '68 and Marsha Halpern
John Hanawalt '74
Susan M. Hegberg
Esther P. Herman
Lenore K. Garman '47 Horner and Jackson G. Horner
Carl A. '59 and Lorraine Horsfield
Holly Marie Geise '78
Howard Lawrence D. '80 and Marcia Weaner '82 Hutchison P'06 P'10
Bonnie L. Johnson '65
David B. '69 and Sharon B. Johnson
Harry R. '49 and Nancy Johnston
Thomas W. and Roxie M. Jones
Gloria Faylor '85 Karchner and David Karchner
William G. and Lynne Karniol
Ronald D. '63 and Roxanne Keefer
Dawn L. Fife '65 Kinard
Mary Ann Bingaman '55 Kleintop
Douglas A. '80 and Elizabeth H. Kniss
David C. Koch '72
Stacy L. Koppenhaver '92
Frances Roush '50 Kovacic
The Reverend Gregory and Lee '01 Kramer P'01

  Brenda L. Krill '80
Carol Graybosch Lacorte
Nancy Myers '47 Landis and Richard Landis
E. Betty Lauf
Eleanor C. Leam '39
Marsha A. Lehman '74 and Thomas R. Knapp
Lowell L. Leitzel '76
Dawn Douglas '58 Liberman
David W. '76 and Theresa L. Long
Marvin J. Malone '63
Thomas J. Martin, MD, and Reverend Dr. Lois D. Martin '90
William H. McClure '48
Jen McGonigle ’95 and Jeremy Ramont
John J. '66 and Nancy Menapace Clinton Mettler '15
Carolyn W. '67 and Robert R. Miller '67
Carrie Neff '89 Mitchell and William Mitchell
Louise Siemers '50 Molinaro
Dennis G. Mosebey '73
Carl M. '63 and Kathryn Moyer
Dawn G. Mueller '68
Johanna Sheese '68 Murray
Mrs. Bruce L. Nary (Dorla)
Carroll J. Blank and Helen S. Nunn
Peter M. '57 and Ruth Scott '55 Nunn
Leah Cryder '47 Oberheim
Harold C. and Nancy M. O'Connor
Susan Odjakjian '79
Jack and Kris Ohle
Philip B. '76 and Deborah Olphin
Karen L. Olson ‘71
Nancy V. Orr '67
Anne-Marie D'Andrea '02 Peterson and Brian Peterson
Diane Mahoney '74 Pivarnik
Richard H. Pohl '79
Douglas R. Powell '75
Jane G. Presser
Jack Price, Jr. '73
Bonnie Bucks '65 Reece and James Reece
Theodore E. Reese '85
Richard D. '60 H'06 and Melba Reichard
Mark W. Richards '72
Lavan '58 and Janet Rohrbach '46 Robinson
Cynthia Rooke P'18
Dorothy Apgar '53 Ross
Maryanne Rossello '70
Alice F. Rowe
Heather Heath '93 Rowe and Donald Rowe
Richard E. Rowe '63
Marv and Raven Rudnitsky
Stephen E. and Mary-Margaret Overly '59
Ruth Brian M. Sagrestano
Louis F. '50 and Agnes L. Santangelo
Karen Buehler '73 Savarese
Mark E. Schmidt '91
Jack M. Schreffler ’54
Gaye A. Wolcott '65 Sheffler and Andy Sheffler
Susan Garman '70 Shipe P'99
Kathryn Kissinger '86 and David C. Snowe
Jill Fuller '58 Snyder
Jay '64 and Jeanne Snyder
Robert and Vi Soper
John H. Spillman '62 and Linda Leach '63 Spillman
Richard D. '68 and Beverly Spotts
John R. '75 and Mary Kay Strangfeld
Cyril M. and Leona Stretansky
James W. '64 and Barbara Evans '65 Summers
Robert Surplus '45
Charles W. '51 and Janet Miller '54 Taylor
Mary Louise McCann '60 Tietbohl
Sheri Carlton '76 Trutt and Brad G. Trutt
Scott C. '72 and Annmarie Truver
Commander Merle F. '55 and Nancy Ulsh P'84, P'88
Michele R. Bowman Underwood and Colonel Joseph Underwood
James M. and LaRue Unglaube
Ronald C. Waters '71
Nancy Porch '71 and James Whiteman
Marjorie Barton '46 and J. Byrton Winder
Ann L. Hewes '61 Yanuklis
Linda Covert '70 Zeiber and Gerald Zeiber
Suzanne Springer '66 Zeok, MD, and John V. Zeok, MD

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